An article by Alex Cochrane in Shout Out UK. Strong and forceful opinions from him. What do you think?
What is the situation like in your country?

The education system in the UK is riddled with flaws, injustices and discrepancies. Amid rising pressure and new, harsher examinations, many students are forced to retreat into solitude, becoming devoted to labouring over past papers and revision guides. 
Shout Out UK reports.

As children develop, the competitive culture that surrounds tests and feedback contributes towards choking creativity. As they grow into young adults they are taught that their worth is dependant on their grade in English, maths or one of their sciences. On a subconscious level, children begin to see talent in the arts as ‘extra-curricular’ and therefore sub par. This culture also leads to a suppression of free thought. The mass-participatory nature of passing a GCSE has become simply a matter of working a fine-tuned algorithm rather than consisting in the intellectual expression of opinion. As teenagers learn to follow a mindless structure, they achieve success in the eyes of society — but have they really learnt anything?

Children are allowed to believe the definition of success is the job they acquire. Provided, of course, the profession they choose is high-paid, intellectual, and follows a socially acceptable career path; they face immense pressure to become doctors, lawyers or engineers. By perpetuating this ideology, we choke out creative industries and create a culture of the dull 9-to-5er, rather than one of artistic and culturally innovative individuals.

The arts must become precious, celebrated and seen as equal to conventional academia rather than a childish hobby. Children’s diversities and interests must be celebrated. It is not enough to simply hang posters around schools, an effort must be made to start and encourage conversation, before it is too late