The Independent newspaper in the UK is reporting that deaf children are falling further behind classmates in examination results at 18 and 19 due to a lack of appropriate support to them. What is the situation like from your experience? Are deaf students able to achieve to their full potential? What about more able deaf students? What is their experience?

Eleanor Busby Education Correspondent writes on the 19/08/2018

Deaf children are falling further behind their hearing classmates at A-level amid government funding cuts, an analysis has found.

Almost six in 10 (58.8 per cent) deaf pupils in England failed to achieve more than one A-level by the age of 19 last year, the highest proportion since 2012, the latest figures show.
Students with no special educational needs (SEN) opened up the biggest attainment gap – 23.5 percentage points – over their deaf peers for six years, the analysis of government data has revealed.
‘Deaf students far less likely to attend prestigious UK universities’
Only 41.2 per cent of deaf pupils achieved two A-levels, or equivalent technical qualifications, by the age of 19 in 2017, compared with 64.7 per cent of their hearing classmates.
The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS), which carried out the analysis, has said the decline in attainment among deaf young people has been driven by “year on year cuts”.
And the attainment gap is likely to get worse this year, the charity said.
The warning comes after thousands of students picked up their A-level results and found out whether they attained their university places, and pupils will receive their GCSE grades on Thursday.
The attainment gap between deaf children and children with no SEN also widened at GCSE last year, with deaf children achieving more than a whole grade less at GCSE than their hearing peers.
Martin McLean, an education policy analyst at the NCDS, told The Independent: “Deafness isn’t a learning disability and all of the research shows that deaf children can achieve just as well as their hearing classmates, they just need the right support in place to do it.

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