An interesting article in The TES ,in the UK on 8/8/2018 by John Roberts.

New research identifies how high-performing schools are closing the attainment gap between rich and poor pupils.

Now research has been published that aims to identify how the best performing schools support pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds – both inside and outside of London.

Here are five findings from the report, published by the Department for Education in the UK:

1. The best schools believe they can make a difference
The best performing schools for disadvantaged pupils have high expectations for pupils and try to develop positive relationships between staff, parents and pupils, according to the report.
In contrast, the lowest-performing primaries were less likely to believe that their disadvantaged pupils could meet or better the national average in attainment.

2. Successful schools use a wider range of strategies, including school trips
Successful strategies for supporting children from poorer backgrounds included subsiding trips and extracurricular activities, and directing resources towards the early years and foundation stage.
In many cases, the difference between high- and low-performing schools came down to the extent to which schools used these strategies consistently to support disadvantaged pupils.

The full article is available here