An interesting article I thought I would share with you .

Just because you can’t track it on a spreadsheet, that doesn’t mean learning isn’t happening, argues Louise Burton…

There’s a new favourite word in the education lexicon; you may be familiar with it. The word is ‘impact’ and it’s everywhere.

Take for example the story of my friend. Recently, she was organising a poetry workshop for her English class.

Her line manager was sceptical and challenged her decision: “But what impact will this have on the students’ learning?” she demanded.

Now, my friend has been teaching English for many years and I have observed her doing so. She is absolutely the kind of teacher I would wish for my own children: engaging, knowledgeable, funny and authoritative.

She ploughed on defiantly with her workshop because her knowledge of the subject and her pupils – as well as her many years’ experience of teaching – led her to believe (almost instinctively), that she was doing the right thing.

But when her manager wanted to know about ‘impact’, she was really asking: “Can I hold you to account; is what you are doing measurable?”

The full article is available here in teachwire