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9 Short Video Tips for Getting your Primary Classroom Behaviour Management Perfect from Day One

See Dyslexia Differently

Video-Meet the ‘Study Tubers’:The You Tubers making studying cool

State funded Arts Educ. from 1-8pm each day for ages 5-18 for most talented, Music, Drama & Literature &Art. G & Talented 

So delighted to have Sandra from @KadiraTheatre loosening up our TY students today and tomorrow with some acting skills and a puppetry workshop as part of the @NAPD_CE #CreativeEngagement

The Tip Project-Examples of teaching improvement in Stoke on Trent-

9 Short videos-Tips for primary classroom behaviour management perfect from  day one

Safe Arrival Project(SAP) Videos

What is the Safe Arrival Project?

The Safe Arrival Project was a UK led European Lifelong Learning Strategic Partnership completed in 2016. Its aim was to impact on school dropout by identifying young people most at risk and putting in place interventions to counteract this. The results of the project were very encouraging. Interventions implemented by partners are documented in these videos. Some of the activity may be transferable to the Eureka Project.  .

The SEE Project STEM Engagement in Europe Project. Best Practice projects to replicate in your classroom.

STEM(working with science & Technology) Videos

Best Practice in Technology


Youth Platform Registration


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More students seek mental health support

Case Studies

Amy Whittall    Headmistress   King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls- A whole School Approach to the more able.

The Whole School Approach: Perspective of Head of MASt and Gifted and Talented (Emma Brining, Sir John Lawes Academy, Harpenden

The Role of Potential Plus UK (Julie Taplin, Acting Chief Executive )

The Parliamentary Review-2017-18

Ark of Inquiry

Hamstead Hall Academy

Hamstead Hall Academy Video

The Pearson approach to teaching for mastery,11-16

The positive outcomes of teaching for mastery

Creating an inclusive curriculum with BTEC at Hamstead Hall

Ellinogermaniki Agogi-Greek School

Creations Summer School

E Twinning Children Travelling Alll over Europe

Little Miss Mary

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