An article in SecEd in the UK

Mehul Shah who is an assistant headteacher responsible for teaching and learning and CPD at the Claremont High School Academy Trust in Harrow  gives us 10 strategies for exam success.

In light of the new GCSEs, Mehul Shah set about skilling up teachers and students on how we learn and how to plan revision effectively.
The new GCSEs, with their increased reliance on knowledge retention and synoptic assessment have meant a new focus for teaching and learning leaders on strategies which encourage long-term recall.
As an assistant headteacher in an already outstanding school where we have a dedicated and skilled team of teachers I have been faced with the challenge of how we can improve our teaching and learning so that it directly impacts on results.
The answer I quickly came to was spending less time on strategies to improve teaching methods (although we still do this) and spending a lot more time on skilling up teachers and students on how we learn and how to plan revision effectively to do well in examinations.
Here I have summarised the approaches that have had the most impact on improving our results (our Progress 8 score improved from 0.03 to 0.27 last year with the highest positive residuals seen in the new GCSEs which focused on linear assessment and increased content). Many of these ideas have come out of action research projects that staff participated in last year as part of our twilight CPD programme. This year we have used our CPD programme to share these ideas school-wide.
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